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Bow case on Pamphylia, Side376 viewsPamphylia, Side, ca 200-190 BC. AR Tetradrachm (15.86g). Head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet; countermark: bow in bowcase with ΤΡΑΛ to left / Nike advancing left, holding wreath; pomegranate above DEI (magistrate) to left. Fine, bold countermark.
Akmoneia (BC 27-AD 14) AE 19 - Augustus280 viewsAugustus, 27 BC-14 AD. AE19 (6.36g, 6h). Kordos, magistrate. Bare head left; lituus to left / Nike advancing right, holding palm and wreath. VF, black-green patina.
Parion (AD 253-268) AE 22121 viewsTime of Valerian to Gallienus, 253-268 AD. AE22 (4.46g, 6h). Head of Parius left / She-wolf right, suckling Twins; behind, eagle sitting right in tree. Near VF, rough earthen green patina. Rare. Group CEM.
Kyme (BC 460-400) Hemiobol305 viewsca 480-450 BC. AR Hemiobol (7mm, 0.33g). K-Y, eagle’s head left / Mill sail incuse. VF, toned.
Myrina (AD 100-200) AE 17204 viewsImperial Times, 2nd cent AD. AE17 (4.26g). Laureate head Apollo right, before, kithara. / ΜΥΡΙΝΑΩΝ (?), laureal branch over tripod and omphalos. Very rare. Green patina, VF.
Apameia (BC 100-48) AE 231002 viewsca 133-48 BC. AE23 (7.97g). Bust of Athena right, wearing high-crested Corinthian helmet and an aegis / ΑΠΑΜΕΩΝ, eagle alighting on basis with meander pattern, flanked by caps of the Dioskouroi, star above; magistrates ΑΝΤΙΦΩΝ and ΜΕΝΕΚΛΕΟΣ. EF, glossy dark greenish brown patina.
Phokaia (BC 521-478) B50 - EL 1/6 Stater599 viewsca 521-478 BC. EL Hekte (2.61g). Helmeted male head to left, with frontal eye and tendril ornament on bowl of helmet; below, seal swimming left / Rough quadripartite incuse square. Very rare. aEF.

The helmeted head must be that of a hero-warrior. The whole idea of using just a helmeted head with no individuality as a type is quite interesting; that there is a head inside the helmet is clear from the eye that peeks out above the side piece.
Syedra (AD 253-268) AE 33 - Gallienus209 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD. AE33 - 11 Assaria (15.35g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; IA in field / Two wrestlers grappling. Good VF, brown patina, rough surfaces. Games related motif. Ex von Aulock Collection, 5905.

Last additions
Mytilene (BC 377-326) EL Hekte - B- (B100/-)34 viewsca 377-326 BC. EL Hekte (2.54g, 10mm). Laureate head of Apollo right. / Female head (Persephone and Hecate) right, wearing triangular earring, all within linear square border. VF. Carr coll.

This coin is the second known of this type (the first was in Heritage Auc. 3046 (4/2016), lot 29113). These two hybrids appear to share the same reverse die, but the obverse is different. This coin appears to be a combination of B100 and a reverse unknown to Bodenstedt. However, the reverse is a die match with Coin ID #12999. The cataloguer of the Heritage example thought the reverse was B99. However, the reverse is different than B99 with the female wearing triangular earrings.
Jun 10, 2017
Kyme (BC 480-450) BI Trihemiobol19 viewsca 480-450 BC. BI Trihemiobol (10mm, 1.38g). Head of eagle right, KY below / Quadripartite incuse square.Jun 07, 2017
Prusias ad Hypium (AD 81-96) AE 25 - Domitian18 viewsDomitian, 81-96 AD. AE25 (7.928g, 6h). AYT ΔOMITIANOΣ KAIΣAP ΣEBAΣT ΓEP, laureate head right / HOMONOIA ΣEBAΣAT (sic), Athena Promachos standing right, holding javelot and shield. Unique. F, brown tone. Tricarico coll.Jun 06, 2017
Hierapolis (AD 244-249) AE 2319 viewsTime of Philip, 244-249 AD. AE23 (5.838g, 180o). ΛAIP-BHNOC, radiate and draped bust of Apollo Lairbenos right; reverse IЄPAΠOΛЄI/TƱN K ЄΦECIƱN NЄOK/OPƱN, clasped hands, OMO-NOƱA in the lower field. VF, well centered, corrosion.

The reverse legend arrangement is bizarre and all the Ω's are upside down. Franke-Nolle lists two specimens from these odd dies. All the other examples referenced are the normal type.
Jun 04, 2017
Apameia (AD 238-244) AE 30 - Gordian III27 viewsGordian III. 238-244 AD. AE30 (13.82g). AΥT K M - AN ΓOΡΔIAN/[O]C, laureate bust right / ΠAΡ BAKXIOΥ - ΠAN AΠAMЄΩ/N, Artemis standing facing, two stags on either side. Very rare. EF.Jun 03, 2017
Mytilene (BC 454-427) EL Hekte - B52 var.35 viewsca 454-427 BC. EL Hekte (2.61g, 10.5mm, 10h). Young male head facing right, wearing taenia / In archaic style, wreathed male head facing right, wearing long beard slanted downwards, all within incuse square. Good VF. Carr coll.

This emission is a rarer issue of this type with a small head on the reverse. The identity of the individuals featured on this coin has been open to speculation. Some suggest the obverse male is a youthful river god. Some have suggested the male on the reverse is an older river god, others suggest it is Dionysos. Bodenstedt notes 29 examples of this general emission and within that only 4 of this variety. A further 81 examples have appeared at auction, this being the 81st and within that only 5 of this variety.
Jun 02, 2017
Mytilene (BC 412-378) EL Hekte - B6628 viewsca 412-378 BC. EL Hekte (2.60g, 10.5mm, 1h). Head of Ares facing right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with a griffin / Crested Corinthian helmet facing within a linear square within an incuse square. nEF and well centered. Carr coll.

This coin is one previously sold from the MM Collection Ex CNG Triton XIX (1/2016), lot 204. Bodenstedt notes 3 examples of this type and there have been another 7 from auctions including this coin.
May 19, 2017
Kyzikos (BC 398-395) Hemidrachm - Pharnabazos34 viewsca 398-396/5 BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.75g, 6mm). Head of Pharnabazos right, wearing Phrygian cap / Prow of galley left; two dolphins swimming around; below, tunny left. Extremely rare denomination. Good fine.May 18, 2017