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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this website?

This is a website for anyone interested in ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor (ancient Anatolia or present day Turkey).

2. What is the purpose of this website?

We are trying to build a well organized and logical index of ancient coins from Asia Minor -- an educational/research numismatic tool available to all on the internet.

A great deal of research is being done on the subject, and we wanted to create a web database where collectors can upload images of their coins. We are also actively monitoring major U.S. and European coin auctions and dealers, and have uploaded numerous images of interesting coins from the recent auctions and dealer lists.

We believe that a well organized (chronological) internet database of selected coins from collections, auctions and dealer lists, will contribute to the study and understanding of ancient coins from Asia Minor. This huge endeavor will require the participation of many people. We need your help - get involved!

3. How can you help?

- Submit pictures: please submit pictures of your coins! It's very easy, and you can submit by sending an e-mail and anonymously (if you are concerned about privacy). Just go to Submit Coin for instructions.

- Register as a Section Editor: registered editors can add information about any coin by leaving a comment (on the bottom of any coin screen). We would appreciate if you provide detailed info about any specific coin, including corrections of errors and dates. You can also vote for your favorite coins ... its fun and your votes will determine which coins are "top rated." Go to Section Editor for instructions.

4. Are any of the coins on this website for sale?

No. This is a non-commercial, educational website. We only collect images of coins, at times from coin dealers and auctions, and the actual owner of the coin may be unknown to us. Further, if a coin image is submitted confidentially, we may not know the owner and would want to respect the submitter's privacy. However, you may contact the source of the picture, if any, (posted in the "Photo Courtesy of" line) for any further information about a particular coin. Keep in mind that information from dealers about coins sold at public auctions will probably be limited.

5. I need help identifying an unknown coin I have - I cannot find it on your Gallery, can you help me?

Sorry, but we are not a coin identification service and cannot search for your unknown coin. Your coin may not be from Asia Minor or from the Greek or Roman eras, and we do not have the resources to provide general identification help. If you do not have the necessary numismatic expertise, we suggest that you contact coin dealers or try posting on online bulletin boards, numismatic groups and discussion sites, like the Forvm Ancient Coins discussion board (which has a section devoted to identifying coins) - http://www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php?board=7.0

6. I see a picture of my coin ... how did it get here and what should I do?

Well, it got here because it was spotted on the internet (probably in an online auction catalogue) and uploaded to this website. If you would like to be identified as the owner of the coin, we would be happy to post a reference to your collection. Please contact us, including if you have any other questions or concerns, at info@asiaminorcoins.com.

7. May I have permission to use coin pictures for academic or other purposes?

We are a re-publisher of images and content. If you wish to obtain official permission or license to use any copyrighted image, please contact the source of the picture, which is identified in the "Photo Courtesy of" line. For other questions regarding our descriptions or compilations, please contact us at info@asiaminorcoins.com.

8. May I link to any page or cite a particular coin on the Gallery as a reference?

Yes. You can link to any page or coin image (be sure to use our special URL for coin pics), but you may not "hotlink," etc. If you want to reference a coin in a scholarly publication, use our Coin ID# (which is displayed below each coin photo). For more information, see our Resources page.

9. Can I change the order of the coins as they are displayed on the Gallery?

Yes. All coins are arranged by "Title," which includes the date minted. This secures the chronological order and if you want to change it, just click on the "" or "" next to "Title" (located on the top right of the screen for any city/mint displayed). Thus, if you want to see coins arranged by descending order (such as for Greek coins displaying oldest to newest), click . For ascending order helpful in looking at Roman coins (which is the current default), use .

10. What is the "Eras" section all about?

This section will track the historical development of coinage down to regional and city level. This portion is in constant construction, given its nature and broad subject matter. It now contains some coin photos arranged by era.

11. Why are the names of certain regions/cities spelled differently than what I have seen?

We have decided to use the Greek spellings of ancient regions/cities because the Greek language was predominantly spoken in Asia Minor (even during Roman times), and thus most inscriptions on coins bear Greek legends. So, for sake of consistency and simplicity, we have opted for Greek region/city names (the only exception being Cyprus due to its common usage today). However, we tried to also show alternative Latin spellings of names paranthetically ().

12. How do I find out the latest news on the Asia Minor Coins project and developments of this website?

That's pretty simple ... just go to our What's New page.

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